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At Klawitter Designs we have a singular goal: Deliver a studio monitor listening experience that places you as close as possible to the source; that makes the speaker virtually disappear; that lets you not just hear your music,
but feel your music.

That ethos - and the ability to make it a reality - is a legacy bestowed upon the company by our founder, world-class speaker designer Keith R. Klawitter, the man behind the extraordinarily successful KRK Systems monitors. Having spent the last 30+ years refining the performance of each critical component in a self-powered monitor system, Keith is now delivering a true next-level monitoring experience, Meet the teamone in which technical performance details such as frequency response, imaging, dynamic response, linearity, and phase Meet the teamcoherence are so expertly dialed-in and executed that they disappear into the sound and let you just feel the music.

Maybe you can't be in the studio with the band, but KD monitors can put them in the control room with you...

Meet the team

KD Elite Series Reference Monitors

Legacy Speakers

These rather stunning (if we say so ourselves) new monitors exemplify the Klawitter Designs philosophy: Make the speaker as transparent as possible; deliver a sound that makes the speaker's excellent technical performance disappear into the experience of hearing and feeling the music.

Available in 6.5" and 8" models, along with a complementary 12" subwoofer, the KD Elite series are the culmination of decades of research into refining and improving monitor performance, with significant advancements made in three key areas:

  • Highly linear frequency response

  • Precise time-alignment with exact phase coherence

  • Ultra low-distortion throughout the entire audio path, from initial input to final output

The result is speakers that sound, well...that don't actually sound like speakers. They sound like your music.


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The Acoustic Cabinet ControlTM enclosure forms the foundation of the Elite sound, featuring curved sides and computer-designed interior surfaces that virtually eliminate the nodes and problem reflections inherent in traditional straight-side cabinet designs.
The cabinet also boasts exceptionally low-resonance, so the sound you hear is
pure and clean, uncolored by
enclosure-induced artifacts.

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The Elite's custom carbon fiber/Kevlar low frequency transducers provide extraordinarily accurate response down to an amazing 29Hz (-1dB) on the 8" model and 39Hz (-1dB) on the 6. Our proprietary Ultra High Definition high frequency driver is coated with titanium nitrate, which not only imparts the beautiful gold color, but dramatically lowers 2nd and 3rd order harmonic distortion to a previously unattainable level.

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The biamplified KD Elites are driven by
state-of-the-art Class D amplifiers that provide 500 Watts of super clean power per side (390 Watts LF / 110 Watts HF), yielding output levels of >108dB RMS (>113dB peak) on the 8s and >106dB RMS (>110dB peak) on the 6s. In other words, these monitors can play LOUD. Of course, they can play softly too, and their frequency linearity across the entire volume range is
simply unparalleled.

All Digital Stream All Digital Stream

192kHz DSP

Our Ultra High Definition DSP is used to precisely dial in system performance (crossover, equalization, driver time-alignment, etc.), ensuring that each Elite monitor performs not only to its own exacting specifications, but is also perfectly matched to other Elites in a system, from a simple stereo setup to a full-blown surround-sound array.

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Over the past 30+ years, scores of leading producers, engineers, and artists have regularly relied on their Klawitter-designed monitors to deliver world-class results. Just ask Bob Clearmountain, Elliott Scheiner, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Trent Reznor, Graham Nash, Taylor Swift, Allison Krause, Martina McBride, and countless others...

The Klawitter Designs Team

  • Portrait

    Keith R. Klawitter

    Keith's 30+ years in the loudspeaker industry and high profile success as founder and CEO of KRK Systems, Inc., provide the rock solid foundation for KD's technologically advanced product line.