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Feel The Music

At Klawitter Designs we have a singular goal: Deliver a studio monitor listening experience that places you as close as possible to the source; that makes the speaker virtually disappear; that lets you not just hear your music,
but feel your music.

That ethos - and the ability to make it a reality - is a legacy bestowed upon the company by our founder, world-class speaker designer Keith R. Klawitter, the man behind the extraordinarily successful KRK Systems monitors. Having spent the last 30+ years refining the performance of each critical component in a self-powered monitor system, Keith is now delivering a true next-level monitoring experience, Meet the teamone in which technical performance details such as frequency response, imaging, dynamic response, linearity, and phase Meet the teamcoherence are so expertly dialed-in and executed that they disappear into the sound and let you just feel the music.

Maybe you can't be in the studio with the band, but KD monitors can put them in the control room with you...

Meet the team

KD Elite Series Reference Monitors

Legacy Speakers

These rather stunning (if we say so ourselves) new monitors exemplify the Klawitter Designs philosophy: Make the speaker as transparent as possible; deliver a sound that makes the speaker's excellent technical performance disappear into the experience of hearing and feeling the music.

Available in 6.5" and 8" models, along with a complementary 12" subwoofer, the KD Elite series are the culmination of decades of research into refining and improving monitor performance, with significant advancements made in three key areas:

  • Highly linear frequency response

  • Precise time-alignment with exact phase coherence

  • Ultra low-distortion throughout the entire audio path, from initial input to final output

The result is speakers that sound, well...that don't actually sound like speakers. They sound like your music.


Sonic Signature Sonic Signature

Sonic Signature

Scores of leading producers, engineers and artists rely on their Klawitter-designed monitors to deliver world-class results. Just ask Bob Clearmountain, Elliott Scheiner, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Trent Reznor, Graham Nash, Taylor Swift, Allison Krause, Martina McBride...

All Digital Stream All Digital Stream

All-Digital Stream

Klawitter Designs monitors accept both analog and digital source signals, offering setup flexibility for users and installers, and providing the option to maintain a high-resolution digital audio stream right up to the integrated amplifiers driving the KD speaker components.

Dante/AVB Networking Dante/AVB Networking

Dante/AVB networking

Distributing high-resolution audio to any number of locations has never been easier; with the addition of an optional Dante or AVB network card users are able to connect and manage high numbers of select Klawitter Designs monitors utilizing a generic connector and cable configuration.

Telemetry Telemetry


Klawitter Designs monitors are self-aware and report their performance status back through the network, providing assurance to the engineer that each monitor is performing to its optimum specification.

Control Control


Klawitter Designs monitors can be easily configured, tuned and adjusted remotely from any computer or smart-device, eliminating the need for the user to access a control panel or adjust a confusing array of switches.

Components Components


As part of Klawitter Designs' strict quality ethos, we specify, design and implement only components that contribute to the best possible sound.

The Klawitter Designs Team

  • Portrait

    Keith R. Klawitter

    Keith's 30+ years in the loudspeaker industry and high profile success as founder and CEO of KRK Systems, Inc., provide the rock solid foundation for KD's technologically advanced product line.

  • Joey Wolpert

    VP Business Development
    Joey Wolpert

    Joey brings a deep well of product knowledge and sales experience to Klawitter Designs. Engineering records for artists such as Natalie Cole, Boy Meets Girl and Bette Midler provided Joey with an in-depth appreciation of quality studio monitors, while his tenure as a product specialist for AKG Acoustics, VP for Harman International, and president of Studiomaster USA has given Joey a comprehensive understanding of the MI industry.

  • Michael Marans

    VP Sales & Marketing
    Michael Marans

    Michael is an internationally recognized expert in music technology with over 35 years of experience in product development, sales, and marketing, and was a partner at Event Electronics, a company that, along with KRK Systems, defined and drove the studio monitor market.