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We’re Building!

Nash Wood Shop

The Elite's Acoustic Control CabinetTM is created from a series of specialized rings assembled "glulam-style," resulting in an enclosure that's virtually free of undesirable resonances, nodes, and sonic artifacts. Here are some shots from our wood manufacturing facility in Northern Oregon---Elite 8 cabinet parts cut, and ready to be assembled and painted...on their way to your studio!

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Klawitter Designs Visits Le Mobile

LE Mobile

Klawitter Designs CEO Keith spent the afternoon with Ian and Guy Charbonneau of word famous Le Mobile last week demoing our Elite 8 monitors. Both Guy and Ian were very impressed and have invited Keith back to hear the Elite 6 so they can decide which format suits the space better.

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KD Elite Indiegogo Campaign (CLOSED)

On the cusp of going into production with their revolutionary new Elite series monitors, Klawitter Designs is pleased to announce a special “pre-launch” sale running now through May 31st on crowdfunding site IndieGoGo, with savings of up to $2,000 per pair available for early adopters of the company’s flagship offerings.

The Doors' Robby Krieger invested in KD after proclaiming the Elites "the best speakers I've ever heard." Grammy-award winning engineer Ray Bardani was only half-joking when he said of his Elite prototypes "Wait 'til the other guys hear these ... I think their heads are going to explode!" Virtually everyone who's given the Elites a listen is "blown away."

KD launched the IndieGoGo campaign with Elite models offered at 33% off their regular street prices. You can save big $, get amazing speakers, make your work easier, and advance the art of recording---all while supporting Klawitter Designs. Win-win-win!

Please take a moment to learn how the Elite monitors will totally transform the way you mix.

Feel your music!

UPDATE: This campaign is now closed. Congratulations to those who have purchased the KD Elites through this pre-launch campaign!

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