Another Great Listening Session

Listening Session

Klawitter Designs founder and CTO Keith Klawitter spent the day checking out the new KD Elite 8 monitors with long-time Jackson Browne engineer Paul Dieter. Paul’s verdict: "I'm still flabbergasted at the low frequency extension and coherence. I've never heard anything like that from a console top monitor!"

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KD in the Studio

Comparing Speakers

Klawitter Designs founder and Chief Technical Officer Keith Klawitter takes a moment to compare his legendary KRK E-8 design from 20 years ago with his soon-to-be-released KD Elite 8s. As great as those E-8s were, they’re no match for the extraordinary clarity, detail, and sheer power of the Elites. Learn more at

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We’re Building!

Nash Wood Shop

The Elite's Acoustic Control CabinetTM is created from a series of specialized rings assembled "glulam-style," resulting in an enclosure that's virtually free of undesirable resonances, nodes, and sonic artifacts. Here are some shots from our wood manufacturing facility in Northern Oregon---Elite 8 cabinet parts cut, and ready to be assembled and painted...on their way to your studio!

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Klawitter Designs Visits Le Mobile

LE Mobile

Klawitter Designs CEO Keith spent the afternoon with Ian and Guy Charbonneau of word famous Le Mobile last week demoing our Elite 8 monitors. Both Guy and Ian were very impressed and have invited Keith back to hear the Elite 6 so they can decide which format suits the space better.

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KD Elite Indiegogo Campaign (CLOSED)

On the cusp of going into production with their revolutionary new Elite series monitors, Klawitter Designs is pleased to announce a special “pre-launch” sale running now through May 31st on crowdfunding site IndieGoGo, with savings of up to $2,000 per pair available for early adopters of the company’s flagship offerings.

The Doors' Robby Krieger invested in KD after proclaiming the Elites "the best speakers I've ever heard." Grammy-award winning engineer Ray Bardani was only half-joking when he said of his Elite prototypes "Wait 'til the other guys hear these ... I think their heads are going to explode!" Virtually everyone who's given the Elites a listen is "blown away."

KD launched the IndieGoGo campaign with Elite models offered at 33% off their regular street prices. You can save big $, get amazing speakers, make your work easier, and advance the art of recording---all while supporting Klawitter Designs. Win-win-win!

Please take a moment to learn how the Elite monitors will totally transform the way you mix.

Feel your music!

UPDATE: This campaign is now closed. Congratulations to those who have purchased the KD Elites through this pre-launch campaign!

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A major NAMM 2017 highlight was the unveiling of Keith R. Klawitter's new KD Elite Series Reference Monitors. Following last year's unveiling of the new Klawitter Designs' range of studio monitors, the man behind the extraordinarily successful KRK Systems monitors, presented a mature concept for the new generation of studios with the KD Elite Series. I didn't necessarily like the green and gold finishes of the displayed models, but from what we could hear on the noisy show floor, these will be serious contenders in the market. Active speakers designed to be as transparent as possible, with newly designed custom Kevlar drivers, high-power integrated amplifiers, and onboard high-resolution DSP (including an all-digital crossover), the monitors are available in 6.5" and 8" models, along with a complementary 12" subwoofer. The aim is to improve monitor performance in terms of linear frequency response, precise time-alignment with exact phase coherence, and ultra-low distortion. But perhaps as important for the market segment, the KD Elite Series features support for high-resolution audio sources with optional Dante/AES67 network card, and computer control.

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Hot on the heels of a highly successful Winter NAMM debut, preorder inquiries for Keith Klawitter’s latest studio creations are rolling in! Representing an exceptional new level of performance in direct field monitors, the flagship KD Elite 8, KD Elite 6, and KD Elite 12 Subwoofer are being readied for production, and will soon be shipping to select U.S. retailers and international distributors. Sign up for the Klawitter Digest newsletter and be the first to get word when the KD Elite Series hits the streets!

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Klawitter Designs Debuts KD Elite Monitors


KRK Founder Keith R. Klawitter Returns to the MI Industry with a New Line of Advanced Speakers for Studios and A/V Installations

January 21st, 2016, NAMM, Anaheim, CA: Keith Klawitter, founder and former CEO and chief design engineer of enormously successful speaker manufacturer KRK Systems, Inc., is celebrating his return to the MI and pro audio industries with the launch of the KD Elite series monitors, the flagship products of his new company, Klawitter Designs.

Housed in eye-catching cabinets sporting a sleek, modern aesthetic, the KD Elite monitor family comprises biamplified two-way 8” and 6” models and a complementary 12” subwoofer, each outfitted with custom components. The culmination of nearly a decade of research and development into refining and enhancing direct field monitor accuracy and performance, KD Elite speakers deliver a level of sonic precision, quality, and musicality that’s unsurpassed by competing models.

For recording and mixing, the KD Elite series represents a significant evolution of the Klawitter signature sound—a sound relied upon by scores of first-call recording engineers and producers. Klawitter describes the technological advances in the Elite monitors as “refining the recipe behind my speakers, with a substantial improvement in overall system performance. The result is audio that sounds right; it just clicks.”

For installed sound applications, the KD Elite series offers exceptional performance and advanced capabilities. When outfitted with an optional KD network audio card, the monitors are fully compatible with the latest industry network protocols, including Dante, AVB, and AES67. Networked KD monitors support 100% digital audio input, with analog conversion taking place immediately before the input stage of the integrated KD-X amplifiers. Sophisticated on-board telemetry reports critical component performance to the mix engineer; precise adjustments to individual speakers and/or components can be made wirelessly via iOS or Android smart devices. Ideally suited for high-end multi-channel surround-sound production and playback, KD Elite monitors offer unprecedented control over virtually any sound space, and make light work of ensuring that the system is always performing to optimum specification.

Backed by a who’s-who of the MI/pro audio studio monitor world, Klawitter Designs is both reimagining and advancing the monitor technology that Keith pioneered decades ago. Making their world-wide debut at MV Pro Audio, booth 6914, Hall A, Klawitter Designs KD Elite monitors are scheduled for delivery to select pro audio dealers and AV installers in Spring 2016.

For further information, please contact MV Pro Audio at

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